Solution to a successful online business

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Like what we have shared in the following post, the big picture of your online business is all about
1. Putting an effort to bring customers to your website
2. Ensure your website has all the required elements so it ready to sell stuff
3. and time by time you need to monitor your marketing performance.

Yes, bringing the traffic to your website is basically half of the solution to a successful online business, ensuring your website able to make the conversion is the other half.

Conversion Rate

If you are putting 90% of your effort into driving the traffic to your website, and minimal effort into optimizing your site for conversion then you are wrong. Think of it this way;

You are selling a product that will bring you the profit of $10 each. Would you spend $100 to run the marketing so that traffic is driven to your website and only 1 product is purchased or in other words $10 is the output of your $100 campaign, would you?

Like any great scientific experiment, you need to include the right elements to create a winning formula. When it comes to a winning conversion formula, it is actually all about the good call-to-action(CTA).

To those who are not really understand what is CTA, we advise you just keep in touch with us as we will share with you the examples from the successful websites. Learning from the examples are the best way to understand better.