How to start selling product online?

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Short Term? Medium Term?

You better classify your business whether it is a short term or a long term business.

Short Term

You do not want to wait. You need the profit as fast as you can. What you need to do in this case is start looking for the trending products. Or currently demanding products. You might want to use Google Trends to figure out what the most trending keywords.

The most important rule in this type of business is:

Never sell product which is not on demand. Forget about what you like to sell. Sell what is currently demand in the market.

This type of business is moving from one project to another project. For example, today you focus on selling the Weight Gain Formula as it is trending in the market. You keep selling it while the demand is there. Meanwhile, you are also ready to move on to another project, selling the Yoga Pants for example as it is also trending in the market.

Do you ever worry if your Weight Gain Products sales are down?
No, you are not really care about it. Time is not to waste, move on to the next trending products. That's the basic rule of running this type of business.

Medium Term

Unlike Short Term, Medium Term is more to brand building. The business journey is longer as you'll learn to know better your own product, understand the customers, understand the market, create demand for it, try out many types of marketing campaign strategies etc.

Passion can be one of the most effective motivators when it comes to lauching this type of business.

Should I go for short term? Or medium term?

It is basically depends on you. Which you are up to. The wiser way is to have both. Run the medium term business and at the same time, try to find out the trending items in the market to sell. What ever it takes, the most important thing is for you to know in which category you are running your online business.

The basic funnel

Social Media Funnel

What we can learn from the diagrams

Yup, we are far from the basic concept when we assume our facebook page is the main platform for our business. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube are all the channels, not the main platform. Both short and long term online business using the same diagrams.

Online business is as simple as:
(a) having the main platform
(b) and the sources of traffics.

The main platform is your website, and you pull traffics from any sources(as long as many users exist), this include the social medias.

Traffic driven to your website can be specifically categorized into organic, direct, referral etc, but for the most basic way to understand, we can categorize them into :
(a) Organic
(b) Paid

Organic vs Paid Reach

Organic traffic

Organic traffic is what most marketers strive to increase. This traffic is defined as visitors coming from a search engine, such as Google or Bing. A direct traffic, direct referral, can be also considered as the organic traffic. As long as you never pay to get the traffic, you can consider them as the organic traffic.

Paid traffic

Paid traffic comes in many forms, basically is when you pay to get visitors for a website like Facebook Ads, or Google AdWords


For a Medium Term of business, considering the Organic Traffic is a must. Knowing all the SEO tricks is critical, producing a good content(articles/blog) is helpful. If you running the paid Ads, you'll be always have the objective of the Paid Traffic become Organic by getting engagement through an email subscribe etc.

While for a Short Term business, you can actually forget about the SEO at all. your focus is only to the landing page(as the main platform) and your paid Ads(to pull the traffic). Having a very good knowledge of how to set the Ads in various Ads platforms is critical.

This is why we suggest you to classify your online business into Short or Medium term as the marketing strategy for both are differ to each other.

Our articles basically discussing more about the Medium Term of online business. The discussion are about building the brand, produce good content, focus more to Organic Traffic.

Our advise for you to start an online business are :
(1) Create website
(2) Start produce contents(blog)

Social Medias Sales Funnel

Once both 2 points mentioned above are solidly up, you can start various marketing strategies including paid marketing. Basically every morning you get up from your bed, you keep thinking how can you drive even more traffic to your website. Believe it or not, it is much more easier to get a very quality traffic by having a well structured website with a good contents.