Content Marketing Strategies #1

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Great content is important especially for a new brand on the internet. These days people discover brands through viewing their content. They find their photos on Instagram, watch their ads on Youtube, use their filters on Snapchat, and see their sponsored posts on Facebook. Meaning that if a brand has no content online, then it’s practically nonexistent.

Content Marketing Strategies

Integrate Content Marketing In Your Events

We all want our publications or blogs to be recognised in the industry. However, you do not just promote your brand online. Instead, you should also create events and shareable experiences on the ground.

Events provide a way for companies to increase brand awareness and meet valuable customers. Think about the opportunity to convince clients face-to-face!

One great example is Hubspot’s INBOUND. The event features innovative talks, educational breakouts and hands-on-lessons from the world’s best marketing and sales professionals. Not surprisingly, it attracted 19,000+ professionals in 2016.

This is a great example of event marketing in action! By creating INBOUND, Hubspot is not only able to engage with thousands of potential clients, but it is also able to establish the credibility of its content and online resources.

Survey Your Readers

No idea what topics to include in your content calendar? Why don’t you ask your readers for a change! You could create a survey form for your reader to submit. Ask them what they love to read from you.

Be Controversial

Controversial Content Strategy

People always pick sides. They are attracted to articles that either confirm or oppose their beliefs. Not only because its headlines spark curiosity, but also because they want to understand or be surprised by alternative opinions.

Here, how can you create content focused on controversial topics;-

Go Against The Norm
You can talk about your controversial opinion, or report an incident that goes against the norm. For example, consider the article in the image below. Viewers are likely to click the headline to find out how Elon Musk built a popular brand without even trying.

Go against the norm

Ignite Discussions
Pick a topic that ignite discussion. Etsy has keep this simple yet relevant. Etsy simply post a question in a picture format, as seen below:

How to ignite conversation with your content.png

This simple piece of content is a prime example of an effective two-way conversation-starter for the following reasons:
Etsy is seen as a human brand because the photo is of an actual employee with a handwritten question. There is no graphic manipulation or animation to distract.
The audience, primarily crafters and artists, can see Etsy’s commitment to its “practice what you preach” mentality in the handmade chalkboard and strap.
The copy is relevant. Heading into the holiday season, people are thinking about what gifts to get for their loved ones and friends. People are apt to respond and read others’ comments because the question is already on their minds.

As evidenced by almost 300 comments and 70 “likes”, this simple and relevant Facebook question ignites a conversation.

Match Content With Your Buyer’s Journey

Customer Journey

How do you get customers to learn about your brand? How can you get them to evaluate a purchase? How do you turn a potential customer into an actual buyer?

The answer is to match content with the buyer journey. Let’s say your customer subscribed to your blog, but hasn’t bought anything yet. Why not send them an email with ebooks, product guides or blog posts that will trigger them to consider a purchase?

Or, why not give them a little push through a free trial?

Update Your Blog Posts

Is a detailed old blog posts completely outdated and useless? Not exactly! You can always maximize your old content by updating it. Here are some ways you can optimize your old content:

Write A Follow Up
If you created a popular blog post, then why not make a sequel or follow-up piece? Follow-ups are guaranteed to succeed. Not only because it already has an audience, but also because it can attract new readers and improve the traffic of older blog posts.

For example, if you wrote “A Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing in 2018” you can follow it up with the “The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing in 2019.”

Display Related Posts
You can encourage your audience to stay and read your website by showing older content in the “Related Posts” section.

Update Old Content With Fresher Information
Google awarded freshness in its search results. Meaning if you have a blog post titled, “Content Marketing Tutorial for Beginners in 2019” it would automatically get a higher ranking than a similar post written in 2011. Not surprisingly, content that is more recent and timely, is ultimately more relevant

Get Indexed On Google News

How can you index your blog post in Google’s News Results? Here is what you need to know:

Write Original Articles
Do not rewrite industry news presented on other sites. Instead, write stories about newsworthy events and quote credible sources.

Write Relevant Keyword-Rich Headlines
Clickbait headlines won’t get you any brownie points. Similar to its search engine, Google prefers headlines that are straightforward and precise.

Avoid Evergreen Content
Google News does not include how-to-articles, job postings, advice columns or general informational content. It’s a news curator, so it indexes timely news stories.

Write Multiples Articles Daily
What can you say about the image below?

Update Articles Daily

The news sources indexed are from authoritative publications that publish new content every day.