Analytics - the introduction

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The rule for most of new online sellers when they run the online marketing is very simple. As simple as they post the copywriting(advertisement) on Facebook, and direct customers to a Whatsapp number.

The data they can get is only refer to how many customers have contacted them. From the numbers, how many are they have closed the deal. Pretty simple right.

Simple Marketing Stratey

Like what we have stated in our previous post, monitoring the marketing performance is important.

Let's recap anyway:
1. Your website design must well prepared with all the required elements to make it alive, welcoming the customers and ready to make conversion.
2. You must consistantly run the marketing so that traffic is driven to your website
3. Monitor the marketing performance

But the issue is, new sellers usually not been exposed with the point number 3. They have no idea what does it means by MONITOR THE MARKETING PERFORMANCE

We have many tools in the market to do the performance monitoring and for a website, we suggest you to use Google Analytic. By default, the web pages created by us will be definitely installed with Google Analytics.

To understand how it is feel, we suggest you to create an account with This is just a very simple start for you to get the picture.

Step 1 - Create a bitly account and login

Step 2 - Prepare your landing page

Step 3 - Shorten your landing page url via


Step 4 - The marketing strategy

For this time example, I will use the signature strategy. I will just browse to any popular facebook post, and actively involve in the comments section, and each comment of mine will be ended with below signature:

**my comment**
Want to learn how to sell online?

Commenting on Facebook-post

Step 5 - Consistently run the strategy for full one week

Step 6 - Monitor the performance

Here is what we want you to focus. After a full week running the campaign, now it is the time for you to see the progress.

Login to bitly, and check the performance. If you keep run your marketing strategy for a month, you can have a result like below:

Bitly Dashboard

What you can learn from the performance graph?

You know how many people have seen your advertisement. Based on the graph, you may understand from which traffic the advertisement bring the most users.

This is also the main reason of us, advise you to avoid the long copy (refer: WHAT IS COPYWRITING). Better to have a strong short copy on the very first layer of the marketing journey. Put the long copy only after the short copy.

What we are trying to say is, we want you to avoid below:
Avoid This Buying Journey

And we suggest you to have at least below flow:
Buying Journey

By having the right arrangement, you can monitor your marketing performance, and make the analysis.

*This time example, user's click become the trigger. For a better method, of course to have Google Analytics code installed into the Landing Page(website), and get better data collection from Google Analytic.

Another point we can learn is, if you run your campaign (under the same strategy) on multiple channels(not only FB), you can also know from which channel is the most traffic been driven. You may like to focus your advertisement more on that Channel.

And many more analysis points you can do to improve your Marketing Strategy.

We hope you now get the ideas what we are trying to say about monitoring the performance of your marketing. Keep in touch with us as we will be sharing more about how to sell your product online. Let's do it right way