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Layout flow after click the buy now button

One thing that most of us having less concern is the layout flow from the first process where user click on the buy now/order now button till the last process where they complete the purchase.

For those who are using the shopping cart system, we can 100% say they have no issue at all as the shopping cart system is built based on the right concept.

But if you want to ensure your non-shopping cart website able to generate money (become a website that convert), you must ensure that the purchasing/ordering process are following the right flow.

The concept


Products Display/Listing Page

Here, user browse and click to check more


Individual Product Page - Each product details.

Here, user get more information and click the buy button


Checkout Page

Here, user complete the payment process


Buy Online - First Flow

This is the Products Listing page or the Product Display page, where products line up been displayed in general. Here, user click to check more
Buy Online - Second Flow

User brought to an Individual Product Page where product explained in details. At this page, user click to buy now button to purchase
Buy Online - Third Flow

The final flow, user brought to the Check Out Page
      3(a) Payment details
      3(b) Buyer details
      3(c) Confirmation/Thank you page

Base on the concept explained above, below solutions are what have been proposing commonly as most of the online business are following the same concept including the shopping cart e-commerce system.

Solution 01 - Using the Market Place

All you need to do is to register your self to the Market Place like Amazon or Lazada and start upload your product to their Product Page. Simply direct your audience from your website to complete purchase at Amazon or Lazada.

Solution 02 - Customized Order Form

Order form is one of the proven method. To follow the concept, we customize it accordingly starting from the individual product page, to the checkout page.

Solution 03 - Using the Payment Gateway

Directly use the famous Payment Gateway such as Paypal can be a very good choice too as your customer feel extremely secured to detail their personal information.


In the case of a complete shopping cart E-commerce website might be too costly, too complicated, to much to handle for you since your business is new, and not much products you need to post, you may want to consider our Basic Landing Page


Basic Landing Page + Using the Market Place



Basic Landing Page + Customized Order Form



Basic Landing Page + Using the Payment Gateway



A Complete Shopping cart E-Commerce


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